How Can VR Technology Help Disabled People

How Can Virtual Reality Help Disabled Students?

Equality is something education must stand for. Our schools have made great progress in this aspect. Anyway, there’s more to be done. Disabled students face still a lot of different problems apart from a customized infrastructure or similar. I know this from my very own experience in school.


Disabled students may have specific needs due to their physical impairments. Let say a student has a partial eyesight loss and in a normal class setting a clear vision of the student is essential for him to understand the material. There are VR goggles and additional gears that enable these students to see clearly. This brings us then to the second point.


When the student knows what is being talked about in the class from our last example and he/she can engage all his/her senses in the learning process therefore he/she can participate in discussions taking place. This is an essential element for everyone to excel in school.


It is of great importance for a disabled student to feel part of the learning process. When his/her needs are met and he/she can participate equally then of course this is easily achieved.

VR Technology For Students With Sight Impairments

Globally the number of people suffering from any sort of sight impairment is growing at a worrying pace. According to the WHO stats, there are more than 250 million people around the world with sight problems. Innovations in VR technology are being used in helping many of them, including those who follow their education dreams.

VR Technology For People Using a Wheelchair

Mobility is the main problem for wheelchair users. I personally used a wheelchair my whole life so I learned navigating around way earlier. But there are people who start using a wheelchair from a certain age because they had an accident or their initial neurovascular or orthopedic disease progressed in time. They find it extremely difficult to move around and I can understand that. Even worse, in most cases, they have to deal with this problem all alone without any help coming through.

Entertainment and VR

Disabled people deal with a lot of mental stress. It’s important for them to entertain and feel no barrier to engaging in exciting activities. Here’s where VR technology comes into play.

VR Accessibility for Disabled Students

VR technology is nothing new, but it is still not the norm so to say. The main problem related to it is certainly its cost. Although they’ve been around for quite a while their price tag is high and for many just another luxurious item they cannot afford. For example, a Virtual reality headset may have a price of up to 1,400 euros which is surely high for most of us.

Future Prospects

Nobody knows for sure what this technology it’s going to provide us with in the future. However, there are strong reasons to be excited for it. Big role players in this industry seem to be firmly determined to widen the application of this technology, especially in medicine. In years to come, we may see doctors who prescribe VR headsets and this just unbelievable to think about it. The idea of placing yourself in a future situation that feels profoundly immersive has a massive potential to reveal a lot about our reaction mechanisms which then can help us prepare better for them.



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Sienna is a young girl from Chichester passionate about science and technology. As a disabled person she aims to share her experiences and help others.